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Revitalization of the market and the downtown area
location: Ścinawa
investor: Commune office of Ścinawa
area: 3,5 ha
project year: 2015

This design concept is an attempt to explore the possibilities of revitalising and restoring the representative function to the market square of Ścinawa, a veritable „living room” and meeting place for city residents. This is to be achieved by restoring spatial order by reordering and expanding communication passages and by unifying the materials used for the surface, lowering and replacing curbs, replacing streetlights with ones of a uniform style, while also striving to maintain the original clear, two-axis layout of the square with the centrally located town hall and newly planted greenery. In order to open up the space of the square, it has been decided to relocate the monument dedicated to the fallen of World War II to the area which was in fact the site of the attempt to force the crossing of the Oder commemorated by the monument. In the place of this monument, a dynamic multimedia fountain without a visible surrounding area of water will be installed. Along the northern frontage in addition to replacement of the pavement, it has been decided to rebuild the outdoor steps and retaining walls using cut granite blocks.

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