Office building Delta Office 
location: Wrocław, Dąbrowskiego 44
investor: IPD Południe Sp. z o.o.
area: 4956,92 m²
project year: 2011- 2012 
completion: 2013

The style of the architecture planned for the building results primarily from its location, which on the one hand required the creation of a building which draws on the style of the former print shop, and on the other hand required the construction of a multi-storey building matching in height and size the neighbouring buildings on ul. Henryka Dąbrowskiego. By using appropriate materials, the continuity of both parts forming the complex has been emphasised. The ground floor of the front facing building (on the ul. Dąbrowskiego side) harmonises with the former print shop in terms of the height of the cornice and the use of clinker tiles. The upper storeys, intended for use as office space and to a lesser extent retail-service space, are differentiated from the ground floor by the materials used in their facade, additionally emphasised by a gap separating the two parts. All of the storeys continue the rhythm of the northern facade of the former print shop. Permission from city and architectural authorities have allowed a building to be designed which features a shape which suits its surroundings, but which is also modern, distinct and unique. To achieve a uniform character in the complex and emphasise its continuity, a design of window openings based on the northern facade has been suggested to replace the uninteresting southern facade of the former print shop.

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