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Restoration of the left bank of the Oder River
location: Ścinawa
investor: Municipal Council of the City of Ścinawa
area: 5,5 ha
project year: 2015

The design concept was intended to illustrate the potential for developing and restoring the left bank of the Oder River along the 332.19 to 332.30 km section within the borders of the town of Ścinawa by building a harbour for river traffic and a tourist marina with adjacent camping sites and necessary electrical, road access and parking infrastructure.  
Restoration of this section of the river bank involves rebuilding the bridgeheads of a vehicle bridge which is in need of repair, expanding the square adjacent to the tavern with riverside steps, and constructing a pedestrian boardwalk, and a city dock as a temporary mooring site for small tourist vessels, a riverside marina, and a stationary tourist dock which will be functionally and logistically linked to the camping site.  
The camping complex has been designed with separate sites accessed from an internal unpaved grass road strengthened with geogrid and is divided functionally into zones for caravans or camper trailers and zones for tents, accessible from the river bank and from the dredged old river basin. In the centre of the complex, there is a hygienic-sanitary hub linked by earth-paved pathways with the playground and multifunction sports area. In the eastern part of the complex, at the monitored access entrance point and immediately next to the yacht harbour and slip, there is a captain’s room functionally linked with the water sports equipment hangar. Full park-style lighting is planned. The central part of the camping area including the captain’s room, hygienic-sanitary hub, sports area, playground, and outdoor fitness stations have all been located on an artificially raised mound.

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