Residential-commercial building at Kępa Mieszczańska
location: Wrocław, Jagiełły 6,6a
investor: Inmopolska Sp. z o.o.
area: 3500 m²
project year: 2008

The unique character of Kępa Mieszczańska as well as the need to consolidate and organise the frontage along ul. Jagiełły and a part of the structures on ul. Mieszczańska have dictated the way in which the lot will be built up. The complex has been designed as a set of three buildings. Two existing structures are to be dismantled and opened up, adapting them to a functional layout appropriate for modern needs, and their facades will be redesigned. The third building will fill in the space at the northwest corner of the lot.

This newly designed building features modern, systematic, and distinct solutions on the frontal facade. The remaining two buildings represent an attempt to recreate the style of the existing buildings, by using analogous heights and shapes of walls and roofs. It has been decided to apply a uniform facing to the interior courtyard facades in order to give the space a uniform character. The three structures will be functionally linked by a shared, two-level parking garage and entrance lobby. Retail and service units in the frontal areas of the ground floors will complement the residential spaces.

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