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Swimming pool
location: Kępno, Walki Młodych 
investor: Projekt Kępno Sp. z o.o.
area: 4841 m²
project year: 2015 

The building has been designed as a two-storey structure on a square plan. The compact form of the building will be divided on the interior into two functional zones. One the side of the existing sports hall (southeast) the entrance area has been located, including an entrance hall, spa and beauty facilities, sanitary and staff rooms, and a changing room. The north-western side will house the pool itself with spectator seats and a technical area underneath the pool. The designed building will be joined to the existing structure of the sports hall by a single-storey passageway which will also house office space and public toilets functionally linked to the entrance hall. The main entrance will be located directly adjacent to the existing parking area next to the sports hall, and will be highlighted in the form of the building by a deep canopied porch.
The facades have been designed along a horizontal pattern with a characteristic facing element made up of copper panels inlaid at the level of the second floor, as well cement-fibre panels at the ground floor level. The compact form of the building will be given a distinct character by glass display windows, selected by size and technical parameters. On the facades facing southwest-southeast, vertical light-breaking elements have been applied which harmoniously blend with the vertical layout of the facade siding panels. The layout of the exterior facade reflects the interior functional layout of the building.

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