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Sports facility with a sports hall and indoor pool „NEMO stop“ 
location: -
investor: Dolnośląskie Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Gospodarczych TARCZA
area: 6246,09 m²
project year: 2015

The main idea of the project is the creation of spatial-functional modules adapted to a specific purpose, and designing them in such a way that they can be combined in different configurations into a single complex. The configuration chosen by a particular investor depend only on the investor’s needs, and can be modified before construction starts, during construction, or even after completion.  
Four functional blocks are identified: a swimming pool with technical areas, a sanitary and changing room area with entrance hall and corridors, an office area with common rooms, and a gym. The core of the composition is always the sanitary and changing room area along with the entrance hall and corridors, and other functional blocks can be added to this. 
The following blueprint is assumed for the location of particular functional modules: a centrally located sanitary and changing room block with entrance hall situated along a northwest-southeast axis (preferred layout). On the southwestern side, the pool building is planned, while the gym and office areas are planned for the north-eastern side.  
The facade will be distinguished by multi-coloured steel panels, with special care taken with the entrance area, which has been recessed with respect to the main facade, forming a covered entryway. This will be finished in a way contrasting with the rest of the exterior of the building, for example with HPL woodgrain panels. A part of the ground floor has also been individualised visually, with the suggestion to finish the walls with imitation structural concrete panels, or a dark silicate plaster laid on silicate or concrete blocks.

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