Revitalization and reconstruction of the railway station building
location: Wrocław, J. Piłsudskiego
investor: Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A.
area: 21000 m²
project year: 2008 - commendation

The aim of the project was to revitalise the Main Railway Station building in Wrocław in order to enhance the attractiveness of the area by returning the station and the square located in front of it to their former representative appearance, as well as to increase the functionality of the entire area as a modern regional transit hub. The basic compositional elements of the square which add to its representative character are symmetrically placed arcs of basalt paving stone which outline the pedestrian throughway leading from the main entrance of the station to various mass transit stops and to a lawn in the central part of the square, whose shape was recreated based on historic photographs and documents. On the north-western side, the block is planned to be completed by a hotel, which will close in the space of the square, whereas on the western side a single-storey pavilion will be built as an extension of the main station hall. The southern part of the project area is planned for use for commercial and travellers’ services. A complex is planned with straight lines, which will help bring order to the urban space of this part of the city. The centrepiece of the project is the southern pavilion, located along the axis of the tunnel leading from the main station building. The commercial buildings, office space, and hotel will be harmonised by the rhythmic and repetitive lines of the facade, formed by multi-coloured vertical blinds and an extensive canopy running along the length of the project.

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