Reorganization of Nowy Targ Square
location: Wrocław, Nowy Targ
investor: Municipal Council of the City of Wrocław
project year: 2010 - commendation

In contrast to the colourful and attractive details of the Wrocław Main Square, the Nowy Targ area is dull and unattractive. The formal and legal situation makes it difficult if not impossible to alter the architecture of the buildings surrounding Nowy Targ. Additionally, some voices are being raised with the aim of preserving this architecture. So rather than pretending that Nowy Targ doesn’t exist, we propose anew Nowy Targ, the kind that should have existed in the first place. The architecture should be given a „facelift” treatment with good quality materials in harmony with its rational, restrained character, whereas the pavement of the square should be its new calling card, exuding the emotional spirit of the 1960s. 

The project proposes the following solutions, the most important of which is the CHAMELEON-PAVING STONE. The main elements of this solution are COLOURED ASPHALT patterns and RGB lighting. The different colours of light falling on the stable colours of the pavement will expose it in different ways. This type of solution, which can be programmed to coordinate with music for example, is especially conducive to large public events. Our design also provides for a part of the evening during which passers-by can play with the light interactively. This is because we feel that this solution can be a powerful draw for visitors and vendors.
Another point of the competition was to design a city pavilion based on the exit box located in the eastern part of the square. The spatial composition of the structure is defined by the canopy, supported by girders and resembling airplane wings. A cafe building has been attached to the existing structure. 
Elements of landscape architecture and green spaces are also included in the design.

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