Primary school with a kindergarten
location: Wrocław, Róży Wiatrów
investor: Municipal Council of the City of Wrocław
area: 6000 m²
project year: 2008

The design involves an architectural concept for the primary-preschool complex with recreational and sport facilities and landscaping, near the intersection of ul. Róży Wiatrów and ul. Wietrzna in Wrocław.
The structure is proposed to be divided into five parts; a sports block, an administrative and services block, a general access area, an educational area, and a preschool zone, thus ensuring optimal communication between the individual blocks, as well as access to them from the main entrance area. Additionally, the sports block, the general access area (including the library), and the preschool area will have their own, separate entrances, allowing them to function independently. The educational block has been divided into separate zones intended for different age groups of the students located in each wing of the building. Between the two wings, there is an open, internal patio comprising an exit area from the building leading onto the sports and recreation areas. Plans for the first floor include a terrace (accessible from the communication area), which will allow lessons and events to be organised in the fresh area. The classrooms have been designed to ensure a comfortable level of natural light, and acoustic insulation, creating conditions favourable to learning and behaviour management.

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