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Museum of Modern Art
location: Wrocław, Purkyniego
investor: Municipal Council of the City of Wrocław
area: 1000 m²
project year: 2008

The idea for the design is to create a structure which will unify and enrich the urban space around the area under consideration, while at the same time not disturbing its unique character. The building has been designed to excite the curiosity of the passers-by and enable a multidimensional exploration of the exhibitions organised within. 

The Museum of Modern Art building is planned for construction within the zone of the old city of Wrocław. The structure maintains an appropriate scale, and respects the existing historic and modern surroundings. 
The Museum is designed to consist of two monolithic structures which are joined by a glassed-in communication core. Both parts combine to create a harmonious whole, although each is graced by different composition. The shape of the southern part is dominated by the angled surfaces of the walls and roof, on which the cornices have been designed to match those of the neighbouring building. The northern part of the building is characterised by its straight, square angled form, a direct result of its intended administrative and office function.  

The fact that the building is divided into two structures allows it to reference both the historic structures of ul. Bernardyńska as well as the modern fragment of ul. Purykiniego in terms of composition and view. Appropriate modelling and perforation of the lower levels of the building means that the space can be opened up, and valuable compositional and visual angles can be created. The passages and arcades on the ground floor near the entrance area are meant to link the entrance square with the surrounding pedestrian areas in the adjacent park. On the northern wall of the building, next to the exhibition halls, a two-storey, completely transparent, glass external exhibition space has been designed, which will be something of a visual magnet, intriguing and inviting the public to visit the Museum.

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